Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dragon Nest T4: a review for the Pro and Con of Physician

In the dragon nest SEA, the alchemist is one of the most hated class in the game whether if it was for the lag maker skills or the so called imba skills. Now, in the T4 update patch the Alchemist can take 2 new jobs called adept and physician, creating more pissed up player across the server which i find amusing. Since i am an alchemist, i'm doing some quick reseach (read: google) before taking the two job that the alchemist can take.Then, after some quick research, i found that Physician is actually a less favorite class in Dragon Nest and almost all guide and video is about adept.

Now, since i love to be different, i pick the Physician class when i reached 50 and found that i am the only physician in a guild with 120 members on it while the other alchemist on my guild pick adept as their third job. I almost think that i am the only stupid one to pick the physician as my third job. Luckily after 1 month playing as an Physician i found that i'm not actually that stupid since physician is an awesome class to use.

So, i'd like to share about my opinion for Physician in this review. This review is strictly based on my build and experience so you are all free to comment, giving suggestion, or insulting me. Just, please, don't use the word 'noob'. Its just too 'noob' for an insult...


1. Injector EX+ healing shower = higher survivability, higher popularity

In the T4 update, enemies in dungeon now do significantly more damage and with the greatly nerfed HP suffix for every equipment, the class with the healing skill is badly needed for every nest party. The demand of healer class for the nest and raid party is so high that i even find some healer class who charge their party with gold if they want him/her as a healer in their team.

no offense ....

In this T4 patch, Physician as a DPS/healer class is actually gaining a lot of advantage. Since Physician still maintain the alchemist skill which can deal decent damage, it can take the role of DPS while at the same time healing their team with their 2 new skill, injector EX and heal shower.

The normal injector is probably not a very good skill since it doesn't do much damage, had a small range and only heal you way to little to be called a healing skill but the Injector EX is the steroid version of the alchemist injector with extra range, decent damage and a far superior healing ability where now you can also heal your allies 10% of your total injector EX damage. It might not heal like half of your max hp but with its low cooling down and a proper build, injector EX will help you in nest and raid party. The other new skill for Physician is healing shower which in this T4 update heals like half of my max HP in PVE and heals better than the cleric heals (its still depends on your magic attack though). Add it with cocktail and this 2 new skill, the demands for Physician is high and it will help every party to succeed in their dungeon.

2. Going solo? no problemo...

Some title in DN gives you a really nice stats that will give you a nice advantage both in PVE and PVP and some of that title requires you to go solo in a nest. In the previous cap, going solo for a nest dungeon is an easy job as long as you had decent equipment but in the T4 patch going solo is far difficult than it used to be. At the previous cap, the non healer class depends on their HP Suffix from their armor to survive longer in the nest. In this T4 update, they can't rely on their HP Suffix anymore because its greatly nerfed and the monster deal more damage. The cleric class may had an advantage since it was well known for its high survivability but some cleric class like saint can only deal little damage so it makes the dungeon run tend to take quite some time. Physician in the other hand is more balanced than the cleric class since it can take the role of DPS and healer. It can survive better than most DPS class and had a decent DPS ability to help her finish the nest faster but remember, you will still need a decent equipment. If you run a solo dungeon with Berlin set you might wanna check whether your brain is still in function or not.

3. Dark build takes your enemy into a dark future

Physician at its core is a dark element class so if you wanna be pure physician, like i do, you will be putting your SP in the dark skill tree. As a PVP player who used a dark build for my Physician, i had a fun using the dark skill to piss off another player since dark build tend to be a deadly slow killer build. I found that Physician is best used as a support fighter, the class that fight behind the main attacker dealing poison debuff to slowly and painfully drop the enemy HP.

Disease is one skill that will deal a massive poison debuff to enemy since its debuff will poison the enemy with 10% of its damage for 15 sec and it can infect nearby enemy teammate so it can be very helpfull if you had a proper build. Poison break is also the best burst damage which is similar to the priest detonate but it deals more damage which can deal even higher damage than magma wave in PVP. Having a good Physician in your PVP team (like me, of course :P) will definitely increase your winning chance.

4. Love virus? you will love the chaos.

This is why i picked Physician over Adept. This one skill is what makes Physician unique to other classes in DN and make it as a great supportive class to play. Its none other than the lovely love virus.

Surprisingly, not much  peoples in DN SEA knows about how dangerous love virus can be. I once had a chat about physician with my guildmate and he told me that love virus animation looks good but he didn't know what did it do to the enemy that hit by its. So, for those who didn't know about love virus let me enlighten you.

Love virus is a skill that makes you invulnerable from the enemy attack and makes your enemy attack become friendly fire to his teammate for some seconds. It also lower the magic defense of your enemy by 10% and had a low cooling down for spamming purpose.

You can see that love virus really is an unique and dangerous skill if you used it in a proper way. I had this scenario on PVP where an Elestra who is an enemy captain charging with its teammate to kill my team captain. That elestra and its team gangbanged my captain until i saw the Elestra casting blizzard storm and hit it with the love virus. As you might suspect, that Elestra wiped out all his teammate in confusion and giving a chance to my captain to do the counter attack, leading our team team to victory.

Nothings feels better when you see your enemy kill his own teammate in confusion while you laugh evilly like Saturday cartoon villain in front of your PC. Its feels almost better than a sex .


1. Physician do less damage 

Im going to be honest, Physician is a weak class if you don't know how to used it. Compared to any DPS class, Physician  might be the weakest DPS class since it might take a time to kill your enemy both in PVP and PVE
and If you are using a pure dark build its even harder because most enemy in the dungeon is a dark monster that will resist most of your dark attack.

This con is why people prefer to be adept rather than Physician. Adept can deal more damage with its new ice beam and magma punch EX while Physician new skill is mostly for support and debuff rather than DPS.

2. Physician is kinda sucks at 1 on1 batle

As a semi support class, Physician isn't well known for its 1 on 1 capability which make ladder fight rather hard. I wont said that playing in ladder as Physician is impossible since that title is still held by the saint class who is a full support class but its still rather hard compared to other class. Physician skill is mostly a ranged attack skill so you will mostly playin with hit and run tactic when you are using Physician in a 1 on 1 battle and rarely go in a frontal fight unless you really have to.

Adept in the other hand had a better chance to fight in a frontal fight compared to Physician because their skill is mostly for close combat purpose so they had a better advantage in ladder match.

3. Physician still had paper defense

 Alchemist is actually a paper defense class in the previous cap and it always be the soft spot for merc and sword master to aim But in the T4 patch, alchemist now had more decent defense than it was before so it now had a better survivability.

But even though they increased the Physician survivability, the alchemist class is still a vulnerable class because they are weak in close range and didn't have much counter attack skill. when you are caught in a combo it will be rather deadly for Physician if you already used the hypnosis to run away from the previous attack


Physician isn't a perfect class, hell, there's no perfect class in DN unless you are Berlin. You will need a lot of experience to use physician since it wasn't an easy class to use at first, but when you get the hang of it there is a great fun to used this class. I recommend all of you to harness the power of love virus since i think its the sexy spot for physician so you can be a master in a battle.


  1. While I agree on most of your post I dessagree on the last Three:
    Physician IS actually a high dps (on par with adept if not better) if u got the proper build and set. Dark attack % is the most easily stakeable element of all. If you manage to get on some Legend equip you see that all those % attack element are not in vain, actually is the physician/adept who uses all those bonus at best.
    When i pick physician almost everyone was seeing us like at sub-dps/healer, nor doing well on any of them. But after doing party with they, they start pme, adding me to friend list and sayin "wtf, u got the damage AND the heal, much better than a cleric" Its one if not the more independent class of DN, whenever i go to Sea dragon all the dps just stick to the Saint, im always doing the dmg on the other side, playing alone and doing things in my way, since i can heal myself, and keeping myself alive much more easily than any "pure" dps clase
    Paper defense? i dont think so, my gear is epic 50+8 (not all the pieces) and i got 120k hp. I can take sea dragon ice cage, tought i cant tank the breath. Add Injector EX, and you never go below 100k all while doing constant DOT dmg. And 52k hp in ladder without using "healthy" accesorys. also you should say that our Poison Break actually can cancel RDB in sdn. No many class can do that.
    Weak@pvp 1vs1? this is a big NONO. Take the alchemist skills, add him a skill that make u invulnerable to enemy attack, add some heal and greats DOTs and you got a fearsome class in pvp. im not good at pvp myself, but im always above rank 1700 in ladder, and owned over many OP clases. My easy target is destroyer, one of the best pvp classes.
    Well i hope this encourage ppl to be a physician and leave some truths to be know. If you like to do solo @ nest/dungeon this is the perfect class. Not as high dps like a saleana and GM, but our survivality is much more higher. Enjoy it. Thx for the guide

    1. owh...a very good comment! first, thank you very much for your critic on my review. im appreciating it.

      let me explain every point of your critique from my point of view....

      1.Yes, dark attack is easily stackable and im actually used to stacked up to 34% dark attack on my build and its quite destructive in PVP but the problem lies in PVE because most enemy had dark resist. its quite frustating when your 200k poison break get resisted by dark monster into 100k. this is the major negative side of picking a pure dark physician because your true damage is negated by elemental resist

      2.Physician is jack-of-all-trade. It is an independent class who can take the role of support and DPS but do bear in mind that they are not the best DPS nor Support, they are more in the middle quality in that department. Sadly, people still prefer a team of 1 saint and 3 damager rather than 1 physician and 3 damager which actually can finish dungeon faster.

      3.im not sure if it was only me but i had +7 armor and 100k HP. guess what, i still get killed in one combo by acro, Ping pong bomb EX send me to grey screen in one attack and half of my HP is gone when a merc hit me with ring bomb. to be fair, it happen in pvp comp off and my enemy is better geared compared to me but sometime It just make me frustrated sometime. hopefully, I might have better survival chance in PVP now with the new 450.mark update

      4.when i said that physician is weak in one on one, it is not because of their small damage. its because their skill is hard to chain together into a long combo. i only play ladder ten times in a week for the ladder point and my currently ladder rank is 1890. but still, i dont like ladder that much with physician because i need to do hit and run, maintaining a distance between me and my enemy rather than doing fast combo. Its kinda sucks when im fighting another ranged class since it turned to be chasing around in circle like tom and jerry cartoon show.

      anyway thank you so much for your comment...hope you get a clearer picture form my review :D

    2. Well, i clarify some facts too, i never say that a psycician is better healer than a saint, thats imposible. But a party with 3 dps and a cleric could never be faster than a 3 dps + physician, is just technically imposible. Even if the saint are in +12 gear.(that is if the rest of dps are on equals gears), saint just give better survivality to dps, and a well geared party dont really need the heal. Dont forget we got coktail as buff also.
      While in 40 cap most of the mobs were dark resisting, but its no happen the same in this 50 cap, i cant remember a single dark resist mob, besides the cube boss, green dragon and the dancin ghoul @ gn, could be more, but my 65% dark one-hit kill most of normal mobs. i insist, if u consider an Adept as a high dps, then in any way a phy is a sub-dps, ice ray is the only skill that divide them and is not even spameable. We got Love virus as damaging skill AND debuff, while adept have co2h0 and his ice ray separate in 2 skills. Magma punch doesnt count, its proven that is on par with injector in term of dmg. Like i says, we are not the best dps like saleanas and gm, but got an equal ground with any other dps.
      I agree is hard to combo on alchi classes sometimes, but the combos are devastating, even after the nerf. In comp off i can kill most of females in one combo finishing with poison break, but all that is a cuestion of how are you geared, i give till 65k dmg on warrior class and 30k to pally and healer class In just 1 PB.
      In ladder is another story, but still ranged classes are cooked well in magma wave, u know what i mean ;) i still dont know how a ping pong ex manage to hit you, i just dont use summons agains SS, and is a hard to aim skill. I hope u get my point better now.
      Thanks for you answer, i have fun writing this, even more if fellows psycisian read it. Cya

  2. I agree with you that many people still dont know what is the effect of love virus.... But that good!.... :P

  3. I got a lot of chars. One of them is Alchemist LVL 44. On the first hand, I wanted to choose Adept. But since you gave me that love virus video, It makes me think twice. I need help here to choose. Some information of me are I am a pure PVP type. I got a lvl 60 elestra almost gold ranked in dn sea springwood. Elestra are quite not ranged. I played alchemist with no range too. Can you please give me an idea?? TY ^^ I really liked the love virus tho. And magma wave ex too! =D

  4. well, since you are a PVP Player, I think you should choose adept if you wanna score lot of kills. But then again, you already have elestra which is already designed for killing. Adept and Elestra are quite alike so i suggest you take Physician just for a change of pace. What i like about being physician is it's flexibility as support and dps in the battlefield. Love virus is absolutely useful in crowd control since it will messed the battlefield and probably you will laugh so hard if there is a friendly fire. If you want to be a physician i suggest you play in the back row with a hit and run tactic.

    but if you are a one on one PVP type of player, im not recommending physician. Adept is better if you just wanna score some kills.